I'm Clair with the hair.

As a fellow small business owner, I understand that time and money can often be scarce. So I create websites that help you with that.

clairsites are designed to actually do some work for you, not just sit there looking pretty. They attract an audience, get you leads, and sell things without you having to even push a button.

And when you do need to push a button, I'll make sure you know exactly what to press. All clairsites are handed over with a bespoke advice session and handbook, so you can update your website yourself in the future.

Save time, save money, look great, work hard - everyone should have a clairsite.

Contact me now, and let's get working on yours.

Examples of work:

All clairsites include:

Handover Session with Handbook (so you can update it yourself in the future)
Google Analytics Dashboard (understand what visitors do on your website)
SEO (getting your pages in Google search results)
Cookie Notice, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions (legal requirements)
Contact Details
Social Media Links